RV AC Silencer

RV A/C Silencer

Most Common Problems are Solved with a New Invention

The best inventions are inventions that can solve the common problems.



Night RV

Don't Settle For Less

"My Air Conditioner is LOUD! Any Suggestions?"

Does this sound familiar to you? You appreciate having an air conditioner in your RV but the noise! You find yourself with the decision to hear the TV or hear your A/C unit. Why settle for that!? We have the solution you’ve been looking for – The RV A/C Silencer. Enjoy the cool relief of your air conditioner while also having a restful night’s sleep.

“We received our RV A/C Silencer this morning and installed it immediately. OMG, wife has a smile on her face with the A/C on watching tv. Great product and those considering a purchase should not hesitate. We will be ordering another one for the bedroom and showing it off to all the members of our club. We wish you continued success and hope that you expand your offerings so other brands can be silenced. Hands down, the best improvement we have mad for the dollar on our 2008 Monaco.”
– Matt

Charge Forward

The benefits of the RV A/C Silencer are loud and clear

Installing the RV A/C Silencer is the perfect DIY project because installation is easy and takes less than 15 minutes! Simply grab a screwdriver and you’re ready. There’s no need to drill new holes because it installs into the existing holes that are already on the A/C unit.

Cleaning is a snap as well! The simple, yet stylish cover can be cleaned with just a damp cloth or gentle cleanser. Cleaning the electrostatic filter is as easy as simply vacuuming in place or remove it for a quick rinse.

  • Noise reduction
  • Better filtration system
  • Increase air flow
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
Mountain RV

“Thanks WackO. I received my silencers and have them installed. I am a Happy Camper!”

– Earl

"Received and installed today. Great idea, great instructions, and great results. Would like to order a second one."


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What does it fit?

The RV A/C Silencer fits Dometic, Coleman, and GE air conditioners with a ducted system. What is ducted? You will usually see round vents in the ceiling and when the A/C is running you will have cool air flowing though them.


Unique Air Filter

Block Pollutants From Entering Your Air Conditioner

RV A/C Silencer Quiet Liner

Clean Air

Electrostatic Air Filter

The filter features a dense, 3-dimensional waffle weave configuration that enhances its filtration abilities and creates a rigid and durable electrostatic air filter for air conditioning. Unlike other media which may compress and restrict air flow, it retains its low resistance design after installation.

Acoustical Duct Liner

This recycled cotton liner offers superior acoustic and thermal performance. Made from natural fibers, the liner contains no fiberglass and does not itch or cause skin irritation. The fibers used to manufacture the liner offer excellent sound absorption properties. The air stream surface of this is overlaid with a durable, fire-resistant black facing providing additional strength to the product. Both the insulation and the facing are treated with an EPA registered anti-microbial agent.

Easy to Clean

Keep the filter in place to quickly vacuum or remove for a clean rinse.

Stays in Place

The 1/4″ thick corrugated three dimensional filtration media is attached to a frame to make it rigid and stay in place.

Removes Pollutants

Electrostatic charge assists in removing dust, lint, pollen and other irritating pollutants from the air in your environment.

Years of Use

This nonporous and mildew resistant filter will not degrade over time as foam media does.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

One hot evening sitting around the campfire with some of my good friends the idea was tossed around of opening up a company. My first words were who would buy this crazy (WackO) stuff from me. The comments around the fire were why wouldn’t they.

The RV A/C Silencer started back a few years ago when my wife asked (demanded) me to turn off the A/C because it was too noisy. It was 90 degrees outside so turning off the air conditioner did not make me a happy camper. This gave me a challenge. Here we are today with a quieter, nicer looking and better filter system.